Introduction of Pray System


Brand New Eclipse Isle has been released! We added an interesting pray system. What? You don't know what is pray system? Let me tell you:


1.The function of Pray System

AP enhancement: You can upgrade your common white necklace to epic purple necklace and enhance your AP greatly through pray. 

Hero enhancement: Pray can upgrade your hero and you can choose from 3 different routes. Every hero has its unique routes. 


Taking Drake as an example:

a. Raise the damage of Flame Cyclone (Drake's second skill) by 45%.

b. Raise All type of damage by 12% when Drake's backpack is over 50% full. 

c. Stun Dodge will heal 10% of your max health.

Introduction of Pray System
Picture1: The function of Pray System

2.How to pray

If you want to pray, you need to find white necklace Beast Fang and collect corresponding items. Different heroes need different item. Such as Drake, he needs one Explosive Mine while Gray needs one Disguise Twig. The specific items you need for pray can be checked in your backpack. 

Introduction of Pray System
Picture2: The specific items can be checked in your backpack.

If you meet the requirement of pray, there will be tips pop up on your screen!

Introduction of Pray System
Picture3: tips pop up on your screen!

When you get all you need, the next step will be finding one Stone Statue on the island, then you can pray. These little statues can be easily found in towns, monster camps and many strange places. 


Stone Statue and Stone Statue Icon:

The little circle on the mini map indicates the location of Stone Statues nearby. If you are not lucky enough to find a statue, check the mini map!

Introduction of Pray System
Picture4: Stone Statue and Stone Statue Icon

The very last tip for today's introduction!

 When you are teaming up with your friends, you can use in-game message to tell others what you need for pray! The message for pray items is on the top of the list, you can find it by one glance!

Introduction of Pray System
Picture5:Ask For Pray Item