[8.8] Patch Note


Dear warriors,

Welcome to Eclipse Isle. Thanks for your support and help!


Game Introduction

Eclipse Isle is an anime style hero battle royale mobile game. In the game, you can play one of various heroes on Eclipse Isle, collect resources and equipment to arm yourself and level up in battle. Under the crisis of the eclipse, you need to use your skills wisely and apply diversified strategies to survive the 60-player battleground and win the game.


Events This Week

Attempt the limited-time hero training quests to get Twilight's Butterfly Sickle weapon.

Lily's Soccer Babe skin is on sale for a limited time.

Increase your tier and star level during the Breaking Dawn Season to get lots of skin and weapon rewards.

Please refer to the detailed page in game for more exciting events.


Questions and Feedback

If you encounter any issues during the game, please tap Feedback button to inform us or contact us in any of the following ways

Facebook: Eclipse Isle>>

Facebook Group: Eclipse Isle Official Group>>

Discord: Eclipse Isle>>

Customer Service Email: eclipseisle-en@service.netease.com


Have fun on Eclipse Isle!